Meet the Elemental Royals of Alchos

Discover the Powers and Passions That Rule the Kingdom

In the mystical kingdom of Alchos, magic weaves through the very fabric of its existence, manifesting uniquely within the royal family. Each sibling, endowed with an elemental power, shapes the fate of their realm in ways both grand and subtle. From the earth-shifting might of Prince Rylan to the tempestuous whirlwinds at Princess Arabella's command, from Prince Marcus' deep, tumultuous waters to Princess Nina's fiery spirit, these royals embody the forces of nature that define their legacy. Join us on a journey through their lives, where duty intertwines with the raw force of the elements, revealing the strength, challenges, and heart of each sovereign soul.

Earth Magic

is held by the Queen’s first born – Prince Rylan.

This power is grand and mighty in the shifting of boulders and growing of forests, while also being tender enough to nurture sweet smelling blossoms.

Preparing his whole life to be king, Rylan is steady and dependable. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, but it’s a burden he can bear. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his kingdom. Although, learning he may not be king after all rattles his world and the ground beneath his feet.

Air Magic

is the inconspicuous power that Princess Arabella has trained like a loyal pet.

It can’t be seen, but air can move anything, create shields, amplify and silence sounds. It’s a refreshing breeze and a devastating gale.

Ara floats around with her magic, living carefree and easy. When it comes down to it, though, her deep sense of duty makes her accept whatever responsibility the kingdom requires of her. Regardless of how it might impact her heart.

Water Magic

flows through Prince Marcus’ veins.

Glassy and waveless one moment, water can turn stormy and dangerous in the blink of an eye.

Similarly, the quietest of the siblings should not be underestimated. Marcus will protect those he holds dear by whatever means necessary. Smooth on the surface, his affections run as deep as the sea and can stir up waves big enough to consume anything in their path.

Fire Magic

burns almost as hotly as Princess Nina.

This power is as straightforward as it is lethal. Get too close, and you will be burned.

The youngest royal is determined to blaze her own trail, but Nina depends on her twin more than she’d like to admit. Fire and water balance each other, and only Marcus can dowse her fiery temper.