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The Falling & Uprising Ebook Bundle

The Falling & Uprising Ebook Bundle

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An ebook bundle of all 3 books in the The Falling and Uprising Trilogy, bundled for a discounted price. 

Falling & Uprising (Book 1) - Serenity Ward, the golden girl of Kaycie, discovers a shocking truth – her city is not the last dry land on Earth. Teaming up with Bram, a marshal from another island who narrowly avoided being brainwashed, they form a feisty group to challenge the government’s lies. But can they set aside their differences to face the real enemy?

Scattered & Breaking (Book 2) - The uprising unfolds, but at whose command? Serenity grapples with her role in a corrupt society, while Bram confronts unsettling family secrets. As the islands splinter, the team must reunite to confront greater forces at play. This sequel heightens the suspense, weaving a tale of heartbreak and resilience.

Fractured & Renewed (Book 3) - In the aftermath of conflict, healing and reconciliation begin. The final book in the series sees our heroes facing new challenges and alliances as they strive to rebuild and rectify past mistakes. An emotional and intense finale, "Fractured & Renewed" is about piecing together a world torn apart by strife.

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